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Sight Seeing between Liloan and Turtle Bay Dive Resort, Moalboal

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From the impressive 19th century Escala de Facado stone steps (“Jacobs ladder”) you will get a great view across Tanon Straits which are 500m deep and the home to whales and dolphins.


Origin of Town’s Name

This quaint country town is known for its many fruit trees – mangoes, lanzones, cacao, etc. When bearing fruit, the branches are heavily weighed down by the fruit. In Visayan, this is known as “buyoc” hence the name of the town Malabuyoc.

San Nicolas de Tolentino Church

The old Spanish built church is dedicated to San Nicolas de Tolentino who was adopted as the patron for the town. Next to the church is the coastal watch tower known locally as “Bantayan Sa Hari”. This was built as a part of a network of defenses designed to give early warning of an attack by Moro pirates who would ransack the towns along the Tanon Straits.

St. Nicolas de Tolentino church bell tower at Malbuyoc

Montaneza Falls

The Municipality of Malabuyoc, Cebu, is home to the majestic Montaneza Falls, which boasts four sets of waterfalls. The highest of the four waterfalls is about 30 meters or 98 feet, which is almost as high as a nine-story building

The Montaneza River that flows its way through a narrow ravine is the source of water for the falls. The area and hills around the waterfalls is covered by lush tropical plants and trees.

The waterfalls have become popular in recent years due to the sport of canyoning, which has become one of the tourist attractions in the area. Canyoning is a recreational sport that uses a variety of techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling or swimming in canyons through their cliffs, rivers and waterfalls.

Monteneza Falls, Malabuyoc

Manit Hot Springs

If you are looking for something different, try exploring the Manit Hot Springs not far from the town of Malabuyoc. Take the road north out of town and look out for the signpost to the hot springs. You can drive close to the spring and then just take a short walk to the hot springs.


The Origin of the Town’s Name

This small coastal town was originally known as Tubod after its refreshing natural spring. It got is present name from a Spanish soldier who arrived at the town during a fiesta when the local people were enjoying themselves feasting and drinking tuba (the local drink made from the sap of a coconut tree).  The soldier cried out “que alegre” – “what cheerfulness” and from his exclamation, the town got its new name Alegria (“joy”).

Parish Church of St. Francis Xavier

You will also see one of the oldest churches in Cebu – St. Francis Xavier Parish Church - built in 1857 and dedicated to the patron saint of the town. There are several unique and antique images on display in the church. Many believe that there is gold hidden in the church grounds as the town was the last bastion of the Japanese forces during the Japanese occupation during the Second World War.

St. Francis Xavier Church, Alagria

Watch Tower

Opposite the church is another watch tower (“Bantayan Sa Hari”) built as part of the defenses against Moro pirates.

Mount Lanaya

Mt. Lanaya is covered with secondary forest, apart from a dense patch of tall (over 25m) lowland forest trees in the gullies near the peak, which covers. 20 ha. Patches of agro forests and coconut plantation cover most of the lower slopes of the mountain. The mountain is surrounded with limestone hills covered with secondary forest and dense scrub and bamboo.

With almost 600m altitude, the peak of Mt. Lanaya provides a breathtaking view of the town of Alegria, and the neighboring towns of Malabuyoc and Badian.

You can climb the mountain from its base or via Lumpan Alegria, Cebu. You can hire a motorbike (habal-habal) up to the chapel of Lumpan.  Local folks will be happy to guide your way to the peak of Mt. Lanaya. Tourists who are more adventurous may climb the mountain from its base. Get off at Legaspi Alegria, Cebu. You can ask for the Barangay Captain to arrange for a local guide. Climbing the mountain from Legaspi would take you at most two hours. You may need to pay the local guide PhP 500.00

Cancalanog Falls

The enchanting falls is around 20-minute ride from the main road. Alocal motorbike (habal-habal) ride will take you to Cancalanog Falls. You will be fascinated with the very green tropical forest and crystal clear waters. The chirping of birds and the soft breeze surely will calm your senses.

Natural drinking water flows from the rocks beside the falls. Feel free to bring a bottle to fill with fresh water. A picnic area is available for your family and friends but the place is not yet fully developed. Don't forget to bring your swimwear.

Canalob Spring

The cold and clear waters of the Canlaob Spring would surely entice you to take a dip.  This wonder is unexplored and people of Barangay Compostela are very proud of this treasure.  A few minutes from the provincial road and around 10 minutes away from the Cancalanog Falls, tourists can experience the tranquil beauty enhanced by surrounding green forest.

There is so much to do while in Canlabo Spring.  Tourists are reportedly visiting unspoiled caves rich with stalactites and stalagmites.  When you're in Alegria, Cebu, make sure that Canlaob Spring is in your itinerary.


What is it?

Kawasan Falls are where the Matutinao river falls steeply down from the hills above the town of Matutinao, just south of Badian. It is actually a hierarchy of waterfalls, of which the first is the biggest, however the scenery gets wilder and more impressive the further up you go into the gorge. The first level is the most crowded. Going uphill to the next level may take fifteen minutes and another 20 minutes to the third level. The third level is a reservoir and at the far end of the reservoir there is a natural stone Jacuzzi. At this spot you can usually buy a fresh coconut to get a refreshing drink of coconut juice. This is usually the quietest spot but getting here requires clambering over the river by jumping from boulder to boulder.

The area is very pretty and offers (cold!) fresh water bathing, a Tarzan swing and the opportunity to climb up beside the waterfalls The higher up the river valley, the prettier it gets.

Remember that this area is popular with locals as well as visitors, so try to avoid the weekends and holidays otherwise you will share the place with many local families who usually bring their picnics.

Getting to the Falls

From the parking area you'll have to walk more or less 15 to 30 minutes along a path that follows the Matutinao river;  just take it easy and enjoy the walk. Look at all the different kinds of tropical plants - it is not every day you'll have that many beautiful impressions.

You'll have to cross 3 small bridges before reaching the falls. Stop at the middle of number 3 bridge and look upstream and take a few shots with your camera and you will have an ever lasting picture of a beautiful waterfall set in a deep tropical ravine 

What to Do at The Falls
At the first and second large falls you can choose to bathe in the cool pool or you can hire a bamboo raft and ask one of the local guides to pull you out behind the falls and then to emerge from under the overhanging rocks and take a heavy shower under the falls.

You can buy food and refreshments at the open air restaurants at the first two falls but beware of the hefty charge for renting a table to sit at whilst you rest and eat.

Kawasan Falls


Before reaching the town of Badian, take a short coastal detour past the International Golf Course. Just past the golf course drive onto the old boat jetty and admire the striking view along the natural white sand beach of Lombok. From here you can see Pescador Island and Negros on the far side of the straits. After leaving the beach, take a left turn and follow the road as it goes along the cliff top before turning inland to rejoin the main road. When you turn inland, you get a great view of the mountain range, its highest point (Osmena Peak) and Cebu’s own version of the chocolate hills.

Lombok Beach, Cebu


The points of interest in Moalboal town can be visited whilst staying at Turtle Bay Dive Resort

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