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Dive with Whale Sharks: Excursion from Turtle Bay Dive Resort

Posted by Chris White on Fri, Jan 06, 2012 @ 03:36 PM

whale shark seen on excursion from Turtle Bay Dive Resort

Just offshore from a small beach on the south east coast of Cebu, is a unique experience waiting for every diver (and snorkeler) who is willing to make and early start so that they can be in the water just after dawn. After a simple shore entry, divers swim out over the sandy sloping bottom to the area where up to 9 whale sharks come each morning to be fed krill by the local fishermen. At the moment, all of the whale sharks are males as the two pregnant females have recently left the area. There are a few juveniles in the group.

The whale sharks follow the few fishermen who are feeding them and who bring them in front of divers and snorkelers. The whale sharks appear to be oblivious of the divers, snorkelers and boat riders who swim around them. All visitors are reminded to follow good diving practices by:

  • not touching the whale sharks;

  • keeping a distance of 3m; and

  • not using flashes or strobe lights.

Everyone is able to have a close encounter with these gentle giants and see first hand how gracefully they cruise through the sea with their cavernous mouths. Patient photographers will be able to get some special shots when the whale sharks break away from feeding and swim away from the boats and the snorkelers.

For divers who can drag their eyes away from the whale sharks, there is very interesting marine life just off-shore in 5m of water - I have seen dragonets, large trumpet fish, schools of jacks, lionfish and much more. There are reports of manta rays in the area but I have yet to see them.


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