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5 Tips on Packing for Scuba Vacations

Posted by Chris White on Wed, Sep 12, 2012 @ 09:24 AM

Adapted from an article by Jim Bartlett in Scuba Diver Magazine

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Anyone who has taken a few scuba vacations knows that anything bad that can happen on a scuba trip is likely to happen unless you take steps to ensure Murphy’s Law doesn’t apply. Her are 5 simple tips to help you prepare.

1.      Visualize Your Destination

Think about and research your destination for unexpected factors such as different line voltage, plug configuration, type of tank fitting. Consider taking things like power adapters, spare batteries and spare pins for your dive-watch/computer wristband. Note at Turtle Bay Dive Resort we can provide plug adapters and our tanks can take DIN or yoke fittings. Common batteries and some computer batteries are available in Moalboal.

 2.      Inspect the Gear You are Taking

Go through every piece of gear and inspect it carefully. Check dump valves on your BCD, test or replace all batteries, breathe from your regulators using a spare tank and ensure that your camera housing seals are in top condition by following the manufacturer’s maintenance steps. Note at Turtle Bay Dive Resort we have a comprehensive range of Aqua Lung gear available for rent just in case something malfunctions with your gear or you decide to go light on the luggage.

 3.      Use  a Check List

Better to everything on a comprehensive check list you check off than to forget to pack something you really need.

 4.      Copy Key Documents

Make photocopies of passports, dive certifications, last few completed pages of dive log book, driver’s licences, credit cards, airline tickets and itineraries and pack the copies separately from the originals. Spouses travelling together should carry copies of each other’s key documents.

 5.      ID Bags Inside and Out

What if the luggage tag comes off in transit? To ensure airlines know who owns the bag and how to get the bag to you, put a copy of your itinerary (with name, phone number, hotel information, etc.) inside each bag.

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