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Underwater Photography at Turtle Bay: Hero3 Cube Red Filter

Posted by Chris White on Sun, Feb 24, 2013 @ 02:48 PM

Go Pro Filter


Do have problems with the colors in your underwater photographs and videos - everything green or blue - no bright colors?

Polar Pro Filter's red filter is designed for the GoPro Hero3 camera. The red  filter color corrects for the GoPro's auto white balance. When filming  underwater, red light is not present and the GoPro does not take the lack of  red light loss into account. This can often cause videos to be too green or  too blue. Just snap on a Polar Pro red filter which will reduce excess blues  and greens therefore reinstating vibrant reef colors back into your GoPro  dive videos!

Check out our site for comparison videos and see how our simple $29.99 filter  can turn your GoPro into a production quality scuba camera.

Here is the detailed product information:
- constructed with strong optically correct Acrylic;
- filter snaps on and off seamlessly; and
- includes filter, tether, and storage bag

For more information go to:


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