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Posted by Chris White on Tue, Aug 13, 2013 @ 09:11 PM


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5 Tips for Dive Mask Care

I want to share with you 5 useful tips for looking after your dive mask. As we all know, having problems with your mask can really spoil a great dive  so follow these 5 steps and ensure you always get a great view of your dives. 

Scuba Diving Gear: Mask Care
Critical scuba diving gear requires annual inspection and service by a qualified technician, but even dive masks — your window to the underwater world — need some special tender loving care. Here’s our guide to keeping your mask in tiptop shape in 5 easy steps.

1. If you haven’t replaced your mask strap with a stretchy fabric one, stretch out the strap to look for fine cracks. If you do find any, immediately replace the strap. 
2. Examine the silicone of your mask skirt. The most common failure area on a mask is the feather-edged seal on the skirt. This can become imperfect or irregular in shape with time and heavy use, and that irregularity can create leaks. 
3. Check all the buckles, which can crack, split or become clogged with debris that can interfere with how they function. Then check the frame of your mask for cracking, chips or other obvious signs of wear, especially in the areas immediately adjacent to the glass lens.

1. To avoid mildew growth, rinse your mask in warm, fresh water and allow it to drip dry completely before packing it away. 
2. Pack the mask loosely, so nothing distorts the mask skirt. Leaving it squashed into a weird position for a long period of time will cause it to take on an unnatural shape.

Take good care of your mask as this is our eyes, our access to the beauty underwater. 

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