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Explore Moalboal

After diving in Moalboal, venture around and enjoy what the neighboring towns have to offer. We rent out bicycles and motorbikes. We also arrange tours in our own Jeepney – the famous form of Philippine public transport that were first made from the jeeps left by the Americans after the second world war.


When you are not diving, here are some of the things that you can do:

Night Life
Turtle Bay resort has all you should need for relaxation and entertainment, however if you want a change of scenery, the nearby Panagsama Beach (a ten minute ride) has a lively main street lined with bars and seaside restaurants. On Saturday nights there is a disco where you can join the locals working up a sweat on the dance floor.


Swimming in Kawasan Falls
On your last day, visit Kawasan Falls. Three majestic waterfalls hidden at the end of a deep canyon are waiting for you; there are two more levels if you want to keep climbing to the source! After a walk from the mouth of the Kawasan river (the largest river on the island), you can take a plunge in one of the refreshing cool pools under the cascading falls. After your swim relax with a beer or soft drink. The falls are just a 30-minute jeepney ride from the resort or you can opt to take a boat ride along the coast.


In Badian you can find a rolling 18-hole golf course on the cliff top where you can tee-off.


Hill Adventures
Because it is located on a narrow strip of island, it is not surprising to find that the town of Moalboal is sandwiched between the sea and the hills, where you can go mountain biking, off road motor biking, horse riding in the hills, trekking, and canyoning.



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