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Frequently Asked Questions



Does the resort have a beach?

We do not have a white sand beach but we have a reclaimed beach behind a sea-wall. 


Does the resort have a pool?

We have a large (19m) lagoon pool and a smaller shallow kiddie’s pool. The lagoon pool is 2m deep at the deep end. 


Do you provide beach towels and pool towels?

Turtle Bay provides towels for the beach and pool free of charge for resident guests.


Is there hot water in the bathroom?

All of the bathrooms have hot and cold water showers. At present the basins only have cold water but we plan to add solar hot water later.


Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi is free. All you have to do is ask a code from reception. Wi-Fi is accessible in public areas.


Is there a TV?

Yes, most rooms have TV. Also, there is a TV in each of the two guest lounges. Each TV can receive many channels via satellite (available channels include, CNN and BBC World)


Can I get a full-body massage?

Yes, you can get a sauna and a full-body massage in the recently opened Bay Spa. Facials, body scrub, manicure and pedicure is also available in the spa.


Can I get a manicure and pedicure?

Yes manicures and pedicures can be arranged in the Bay Spa.


Do you have a safe for guests’ valuables?

Yes, there is a safe for use free-of-charge for guests' valuables


What is the local voltage?

The resort only has approximately 220 voltage power supply; the voltage can vary. Sorry no 110 volt outlets are available.


Will I be able to plug in my own appliances?

The Philippines has uniquely shaped 2-pin and 3-pin plugs. The resort provides free-of-charge adaptors for the use of guests.


Do you have a computer with internet link for the use of guests?

Yes there is Mac with printer available for use by guests. The resort charges Php 100.00 per hour for use of this facility.




Do you have tanks with DIN valves?

Most of our tanks have valves which can take both DIN and International yoke fittings.


What is the dive schedule?

Our current dive schedule is 2-tank dive at 8:30am and 11:30 am (double dive), 1-tank dive at 2:30pm, on request, a mandarin fish dive at 5:00pm or a night dive at 6:00pm.


What size tanks are available?

The majority of the aluminium tanks are 80 cu.ft. (12 litres) but we also have 100 cu ft (15 litre) tanks and 60 cu. Ft. (10 litre) tanks


How often do you dive Pescador Island?

We dive Pescador Island several times each week as it is our most famous site in Moalboal. We also have the Sardine Ball which is a mere 5 minute boat ride from the resort.


Is there any macro?

Yes, Cebu is well known for macro from nudibranch to pygmy seahorses. Just tell your dive master what type of critters you are interested in.


Do you arrange night dives?

Yes, we arrange night dives on request. The two most popular sites are the house reef and Moalboal Bay for a muck dive.


Can I get nitrox?

Yes, we can provide nitrox mix from 30% to 36% for a small premium; just tell the dive centre your preferred mix.


Can I try out scuba diving?

Yes, you can arrange a Discover Scuba session Option 1 is a pool session which lets you try out the scuba equipment and practice the essential diving skills; option 2 follows the pool session with a dive in the sea so you can experience the abundance of the coral reef life – perhaps even see your first turtle up close.


Do you run PADI courses?

Yes, we run PADI courses from Discover Scuba to Dive-master. Check out the webpage on scuba courses.


Do you have a house reef?

Yes, we have a great house reef with pristine and diverse coral plus many fish from damsel fish to parrot fish and turtles.


Can I snorkel?

Yes you can safely snorkel on the house reef, at white beach, at Lombok beach and at most of the dive sites. You can rent snorkel gear from the Dive Center.


Do I need to book dives in advance?

No need to book your dives in advance; just let us know the day before. We do however appreciate advance bookings as it makes it easier to plan the dives.


Can I rent diving gear at the resort?

Yes, you can rent either individual pieces of gear or a complete set; dive computers are also available.


Where is the nearest decompression chamber?

Best not to take any risks when diving as the nearest chamber is in Cebu City which is 2.5 hours by car. 


Do the resort’s dive boats carry emergency oxygen?

Yes our dive boats carry emergency oxygen and respirator. The Dive Centre also has a back up supply of oxygen.


Can I do tech or re-breather diving?

Sorry, we are not able to support tech diving or re-breathers.


Can I burn my underwater photographs on to a cd at the resort?

Yes, we can burn your photos to a cd as long as you have the cable to connect your camera to our PC.




How far is the resort from Panagsama Beach?

The resort is 3.0km from Panagsama Beach. You can walk there in 30 minutes or get a ride in the local taxi (motorbike with side car called a tricycle). Be sure to negotiate the price before you get in!


How far is the resort from Moalboal?

The resort is 3.3km from Moalboal town. You can walk there in 35 minutes or get a ride in the local taxi (motorbike with side car called a tricycle). Be sure to negotiate the price before you get in!


What is there of interest to see in the area?

The popular excursions are – Kawasan Falls, Moalboal public markets, White Beach, Cockpit, (Sunday afternoons only) and Panagsama Beach for the night life.


What can I find in Panagsama Beach?

Panagsama Beach does NOT offer a sandy beach but you will find several restaurants, bars (with pool tables), dive centres, resorts, gift shops, tattoo shop and disco (Saturday nights only).


How far to the nearest beach?

There are two fine white sand beaches within easy access of the resort: White Beach (also known as Saavedra) and Lambog beach. Both beaches are less than a 30 minute drive or boat ride.


What non-diving activities are there at the resort?

We offer snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, motor-biking, ping-pong, pool, darts, table top football and boule. There is also satellite TV with a DVD player.


What other outdoor activities are there in Moalboal?

We offer outdoor activities such as Canyoning and  River Trecking .



Where is the nearest ATM?

The nearest ATM is in Moalboal Municipal Hall (near the public market).


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Turtle Bay accepts payment by Master card and Visa. There is no extra charge for paying by credit card.


Do you accept foreign currency?

The resort will accept payment in Euro, US dollars, Swiss francs, Pound sterling, Hong Kong dollars and Singapore dollars.


Where can I change foreign currency?

You can change foreign currency at the resort, in Moalboal and at Mactan airport. Better exchange rates can be obtained by shopping around the currency exchange counters and banks in Cebu City.


What is the practice of tipping in the Philippines?

It is common practice to tip up to 10% at restaurants, cafes, bell boys, hairdressers and others providing personal services. Note that many establishments now include a 10% service charge in their bills. It is not common to tip taxi and tricycle drivers.


How much is the airport departure tax at Mactan airport?

The departure tax for domestic flights is Php 200.00 and for international flights out of Mactan it is Php 550.00




Is there any malaria in the Philippines?

Malaria is NOT a problem in Cebu.


Are mosquitoes a problem?

Mosquitoes can be a problem in cities where there is more stagnant water. Generally, they are not a serious problem at our resort as we are next to the sea. Sunset is the time that they appear so if you a prone to being bitten by mosquitoes apply repellent cream at this time.


What contagious disease should I be aware of?

The most serious diseases in Cebu are dengue fever (spread by mosquitoes).


Where is the nearest doctor?

There is a small clinic in Moalboal town but for any serious concern we recommend you go to South General Hospital near Naga Coty (a 90 minute ride).


Where is the nearest hospital?

There are simple provincial hospitals at Badian and Barili, however for anything serious we recommend South General Hospital near Naga City or one of the private hospitals in Cebu City.


Can I buy most medication in Moalboal?

You can buy most common medication in Moalboal but if you have some special needs, we recommend that you buy stock whilst in Cebu City – try Mercury Drug Store or Rose Pharmacy (both have many branches in Cebu City and Carcar City).


Is it safe to drink tap water?

There have been cases of people living in the provinces getting seriously ill from drinking contaminated tap water (some young children died), therefore we recommend that you only drink bottled water. This is what we serve in the resort. Our tap water is filtered rain water which we use for showers and washing.


Should I use sun tan lotion?

The sun in the Philippines is very strong and so sun tan lotion is a must to avoid skin damage.




Can Filipinos understand English?

You should always be able to find someone who can understand and converse in English. All Filipinos have some schooling in English; however in the provinces they may not have that much practice at speaking English and may have a problem understanding spoken English.


What languages are spoken in Cebu?

The local language is called Cebuano or Visayaan. The majority of Cebuanos also speak Tagalog / Filipino and English.


How many languages are spoken in the Philippines?

In the Philippines there are between 120 and 175 languages, depending on the method of classification. The 13 major languages with more than 1 million people speaking the language are Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilokano, Hiligaynon, Waray-Waray, Kapampangan, Bikol, Albay Bikol, Pangasinan, Maranao, Maguindanao, Kinaray-a and Tausug.




Can I make a reservation on line?

Yes, you can either go you our reservation page (http://www.turtlebaydiveresort.com/contact-us/) and make a reservation or you can go to www.Agoda.com and make a reservation with credit card payment.


How can I get a quotation?

Just complete the form on the “contact us” web page (http://www.turtlebaydiveresort.com/contact-us/) 


How can I check availability of rooms?

You can check availability by looking at our on line reservation system; just click on the “Click Here to Book” button on the “contact us” page


Do I have to pay in advance to secure a room?

In general, yes you need to either prepay via Agoda or send a deposit one month before check-in. Exceptions are made for last minute reservations.


How can I find an agent who works with Turtle Bay Dive Resort?

Check the “links” page of our website for a list of most of our agents who will be pleased to help you with your bookings and flights.


What is the cancellation policy?

There is no cancellation penalty for cancellations made 30 days before the check-in date. In peak seasons, there is a 100% penalty on accommodation for cancelations less than 30 days before check-in and a 50% penalty in non-peak seasons.


How can I find out more about Turtle Bay Dive Resort?

Just read the many guest reviews on Trip Advisor where we are rated as the number 1 specialty resort in Moalboal. If you are a subscriber to Undercurrent, you can also read independent reviews on their website.


Are the prices raised during peak periods?

No we do not raise our prices during peak periods. We do offer promotions during off-peak times of the year.


Do you offer packages including dives?

Yes we offer 7-day and 4-day packages and 10-boat dive packages. Other packages are offered on request.


Any discounts for groups?

For every nine paying guests in a group, we offer one free place.





Can I get a transport from the airport to the resort any time?

Yes, we can arrange airport transfers at any time of the day but please give us 6 hours notice.


How far is the resort from the airport?

The Mactan International airport is 105km form the resort. The transfer takes 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the traffic in Cebu City


How do I get to the resort by public transport?

First you need to get to the South Bus Terminal on the south side of Cebu City; best to take a taxi from the airport. Then take a bus to Moalboal. Ceres bus line runs some air-conditioned buses on this route but most of the buses just have open windows. Get off the bus in Moalboal near the public market and then take a tricycle (local form of taxi) to the resort – about a 15 minute ride.


Can I get transport to Liloan for transfer to southern Negros? 

Yes, we can either arrange a car or van to take you to Liloan or Bato or you can take the bus from Moalboal Town. The trip takes about 90 minutes.


Can I get transport to Maya pier for the boat to Malapascua?

Yes we can arrange either a car or a van to take you from the resort to Maya pier in the north of Cebu. The trip takes 5 to 6 hours. We recommend you stop on the way for lunch in Cebu City.


Can I get transport to Argao for the ferry to southern Bohol?

Yes we can arrange for either a car or a van to take you to Taloot, Argao where you can get a ferry to Loon, Bohol. The trip to Argao takes 90 minutes.


How long before my flight should I leave the resort?

If you are taking a domestic flight, then we recommend that you leave 4 hours before the flight time; if you are taking an international flight, then we recommend you leave 5 hours before your flight. If there is a fiesta in a large town along the route, then additional time should be allowed.


Can you arrange my on-line check-in for my retrun flight?

Yes we will be pleased to arrange your on line airline check in and print your boarding pass if your airline offers this facility.

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