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Dive with the Whale Sharks

What You Will See

You can see up to 8 or more whale sharks including mature males, females and some juveniles. The fishermen split the whale sharks into two groups and feed them brine shrimp (their natural food) from small fishing boats. The fishermen feed the whale sharks from 6:00am to 1:00pm and lead them in front of visitors who can be sure of getting a close-up encounter with several whale sharks. No operations on Good Friday. Watch Video

Where You Will See Them

You will find the whale shark experience just off-shore from a beach in the small fishing village on Tan-awan, Oslob in southern Cebu. This is 77km from Turtle Bay Dive Resort – the scenic drive along the west coast of Cebu takes 90 minutes.The whale sharks are in the area all the year round.

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What is Being Done to Protect the Whale Sharks

In January 2012, the local government of Oslob introduced Ordinance 091-S12, which provides measures for the protection and conservation of whale sharks. The local government staff or the Dive Center Group leader give briefings before each dive or snorkel and advise what is permitted and what is not permitted. There are fines for breaking the rules. 

Half-Day Excursions By Turtle Bay Dive Resort

We arrange half-day excursions on any week day for guests staying at the resort. So that we are sure to get the best sea conditions and fewest visitors at Tan-awan, we leave the resort at 5:00am and drive 77km to Tan-awan; we are in the water at Tan-awan for a shore entry dive or snorkel by 7:00am.


  • Leave resort at 5:00am;
  • Prepare scuba gear;
  • Shore entry dive or snorkel with whale sharks;
  • Picnic breakfast
  • Depart around 10:00am
  • Arrive at resort before noon      


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Duration: Scuba Diving: 60 minutes; Snorkling: 30 minutes; Whale Watching: 30 minutes | * All activities can be extended as long as Marine Park fees are paid twice.

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